UPDATE Fall '98:
  Pat and his wife Cathi have had their first child, 'Sean'. He was born 10/3 in Eugene, OR at 6:22am healthy and beautiful!

UPDATE Summer '98:  Nobody Special are a bunch of slackers and can't even get their stuff together enough to do a few darn shows! Drummers come and go like a bad rash, and the guys are just gettin' old and burnt out with jobs, responsibilities, offspring, and the like. Rumors of baldness, and even grey hairs, run rampid in the Northwest concerning certain band members - this is serious ladies and gentlemen! When asked about this sad state of affairs Pat Nobody responded, " I don't know.... sometimes my pants get a little tight lately and I have to wear my sweats for a few days". And will NS ever play again, or make another cd? Will anyone have them at their venues? Will anybody even go to the shows? Pat's answer, " Oh yhea, probably".

UPDATE Winter '09:  Wow!  Where have the years gone?  Well, briefly... NS is mostly a memory, but a  good one for most of us. Tony lives in Colorado raising his family, he has 3 wonderful kids.  Chris "The Vax" lives in the Phoenix, AZ area and travels when he works.  Chris also has 2 beautiful boys.  Frank lives in the Phoenix area and has one very cute daughter.  Pat runs a successful window covering business in the Phoenix area and has one incredible son.  Who knows if the boys will ever get together for a little reunion?  Really... who knows?  Check out the "links" page for email and myspace contacts for band members.  Oh, and God is real brethren... don't ever doubt it!

UPDATE Winter '15:  OK lads and lasses, we're back!  Yes it's all true!  Nobody Special is playing shows again.  Unfortunately The Vax and Tony are geographically not able to join Frank Black and Pat Nobody.  But hey, you get Frank and Pat so no snivelin'.  Keep your ears open and c'mon out and hear us play sloppy barred chords at high volume!  We've played our 1st show on New Year's Eve in Tempe, AZ and there's more to come.  Keep up with us on Facebook. Thanks for stoppin' by.
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Great time playin' a mini acoustic set at 1280 KXEG Power Life Radio in April 2015