Original release: '86, Frontline Records
Re-released: Dec '95, Alarma Records

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CCM Feb.'88 Issue
Pat Nobody - Nobody Special
by: BQN

(Frontline Records). Even though a number of bands have had the label "punk" used to describe some of their output (Altar Boys and Undercover have probably had to bear this cross more than others), no Christian artists on a major label have really sought to go hardcore, avoiding the accessibility of mainstream rock and pop sounds. Real thrash acts like the now-defunct One Bad Pig and the buzzsaw Florida-based trio, The Lead, have been relegated to independent distribution and word-of-mouth publicity. To my knowledge, Nobody Special by Pat Nobody, the brother of ex-Undercover band leader Joey Taylor, is the first record of its kind to be made available wherever quality Christian rock is sold.

And the key word is "quality". Nobody, with the aid of producer and keyboardist Taylor, drums by Gene Eugene (Adam Again), and guitar solos by Chris Brigandi (previously of the Lifters and Wild Blue Yonder), has laid down 15 hard-edged songs that are special indeed. Direct, often blatant lyrics ring true on Nobody's lips, and the intensity of music and emotion of message bring integrity to things that would sound silly or crude printed on paper ("I've had nails through my hands and feet/ I've hung from a tree like a piece of meat"). While no one knows for sure just what extent of the Christian music buying public will embrace evangelistic hardcore thrash, Nobody Special is a fine effort, and any hard rock or alternative music fan should find some fun and meaning in this special little record.
Campus Life Magazine "88
Nobody Special
by: Jim Long

THRASH, EDGE, CLARITY, PUNK. "You can't stay sane in a world gone mad/ You need outside help". Can you hear the grinding guitars? Listen to the disc. Pat's honest. He shows himself. He doesn't want to stay a nobody to you. "I feel the need to express myself/ I'm tired of trying to be somebody else/ It makes me sick to go with the flow".

After a year of yo-yo TV preachers, you have to appreciate the precision of these lyrics: "Get off TV, Get on your face, Get off my back, Get on your knees, Get off the soap box, Get on the stick, Get off your high horse, Get on a donkey, Get off your power trip, Get real - get a clue, Get off payroll, Get the message?, Crush the monster, Feed the sheep".

I mean, this is simple ol' Pat Nobody from the So Cal punk scene, the somebody who does the vocals and plays "guitar, gas can, cowbell & other junk." You gotta like this wild man. He wails with such intensity, but his point's so simple: "Life & death and God & man, Things we need to understand - Life & death, God & man, Understand?"

Radicals for Christ Newsletter '87
Nobody Special
by: Bob Felburg

Remember the first time you listened to the Ramones? What a laugh, huh? A lot less serious than the Sex Pistols, but just as intense. I get the same kick from Nobody Special, a punk record from Pat "Nobody" Taylor.

Yup, his brother, Joey, produced the project, and yup, there are some similarities to Undercover (Joey's band), but Pat carves out his own niche in the Godcore scene with this one.

The successful single, "People Who", is giving Nobody Special sufficient exposure via the airwaves, (request it and hear it for yourself) but there're quite a few other ideas on this LP that catch my fancy. Like the lyrics of "We are Confident" or the quirky Steely Dan-ish instrumental tag on "That Feeling" or the tremendous humor ( and truth) of " Dissertation".

As free and fun as this is for the believer, it puts the heat on those who haven't trusted yet. Witness "Ain't That Hard": "Have another beer, have another gritt, Smoke another joint, take another shower, Do another speedball, take another lude, Go out and get drunk, go out and get sick, Hit another gig, start all over again, When does this end? When? When? When?

Or how 'bout the chorus to "Come Around"? "When you have the guts to shake your self-pity, Look beyond the walls of your concrete city. The answer is clear, as clear as the Son, If you believe in Him, your searching is done".

And in a style of music that is known for its muddy sound and unintelligible lyrics, the production keeps the message of the style and the lyric up front. Frontline Records' reputation for taking risks continues to pay off. I for one am thanking God for this adventurous record company. Without them this whole trip would be a lot less exciting.


"After listening to this album, I was impressed by the decision of Frontline Records to sign this young band. Nobody Special is an album which finally reaches the punk and hard-edged new wave fan. Pat Nobody has assembled a fine group, and Joey Taylor's adept production makes this album shine".

The Rock Garage Manual, March "88
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