Original release '89, Broken Records
Re-released '96, Wretched Records

1) Once One Nation (The Vax)

You say you trust in God, you just wanna' have fun Your motto isn't worth the copper it's printed on. The courts are corrupt but justice isn't blind, Her eyes have been healed by the almighty dollar sign. Millions of babies cry out each day, But their screams are muffled by the doctors getting paid.

Chorus: The road to heaven is very narrow. The road to hell is oh so broad. America, you sold out for pleasure. Once one nation under God.

You claim you're saved, not by the blood of the lamb. You say you were born a Christian, God says you were born a man. You say the bible teaches reincarnation, I think you're out on a limb, and Gods out of a nation.

God's love is free, but you don't even want to know, But when the psychic speaks, you'll shell out the dough.

What a prodigal son of a country you've become You've forgotten who made you, where you came from Write a constitutional amendment for your sin Everlasting destruction is the state they'll find you in

Today's the day, don't wait any longer Satan's grasp is tight but God's love is stronger

2) Heroes (Pat Nobody)

I'm leavin', I'm leavin', I'm goin', I'm goin' I'm outta here, I'm outta here See ya'......... bye

Chorus: Hero of Heroes, He rose, He rose. My Hero of Heroes, He rose, He rose.

I'm leavin', I'm hittin' the road. You know this place its gettin' old. Ain't nobody nowhere gonna hold me down, Because He rose, you know, I ain't hangin'around.

3) Devil Metal (Pat Nobody)

I'm selling out I'm going heavy metal, Let's rock & roll and sing about the devil. I'm selling out I'm going heavy metal, Let's rock & roll and sing about the devil.

Chorus: Me, I play what I want, 'Cuz I don't care if I make it in your world. Don't give me no buts...... you sold out. The devils done nothing for me, In fact I'd like to smash his face in. Beelzebub, you're nothin'.

I'm selling out I'm going heavy metal, Let's rock & roll and sing about the devil. The devil told me he'd give me anything I want - Unlimited funds, fancy duds, plenty 'a suds, the best drugs. My best car, I'll be going far, when my music hits, you'll find me at the Ritz.

I'll be with my baby, she wont be saying maybe See, I sold my soul for this kind of gravy. I get the money I want, I get the house, I want I get the chicks I want, I get the fame I want, I get the power I want, I get the gloryI want, Anything I want. Money, money, power, power, drugs, fame, glory, recognition. I'm set for life, and after that, Yhea, I'm set for life, and after that?

Chorus: And after that, you'll be sorry, you'll be sorry. Short sighted fool, you're just one of the many deceived. My heart bleeds for you, you sold your soul, oh no!

I'm sick and tired of the devil and all his tricks. Ouji boards, pentagrams, tarot cards, drugs, I spit, I spit. Greater is he, that is in me, then the prince of this world.

4) Those who look (Frank Wesolek & Pat Nobody)

All saved by grace thru faith in the son, Not by works or the things we have done.

Chorus: The blood of Christ will wash you clean. We are dead, we are redeemed.

For all who call on the name of the Lord shall be saved by the spirit of power and love.

Chorus: God's gift is free, to those who look. Its free to all, to those who look.

5) Weirdo (Pat Nobody)

Everyone is too messed up to help one another. I need a fix, I need a friend, I need a lover.

Get me the heck outta here, I'm coming apart, everybody stand clear.

I won't play pretty boy no more, your ways are not mine. Can you understand why, I'm leaving you behind?

Nine to five, what a dive, buy a beemer, Hey dude! mines cleaner. Buy a house, have some kids. Make sure the valiums have childproof lids.

I'm no pessimist, I just can't stand the world like this. And it's not that I'm so depressed, I just can't live like the rest.

I can see your point of view, you have ambition, things you want to do. We'll me to, but not like you

6) Breath of life (Ojo Taylor)

Cold and hard, heart of stone Stone cold, all alone

Is there any hope,Is there any hope for me Breath of life, breathe into me The breath of life, Spirit of peace

7) Finger pointer (Pat Nobody)

I'm sick of self-righteous people telling me how to live. I never claimed to be perfect, just to set you straight, I'm no good, No good!

Chorus: Point your finger at me and I'll bight it off. I don't need you to tell me how to live. Ease up pal, where do you get off. Let's love one another, live and let live.

Slap my face, I'll turn the other cheek maybe, maybe not. Perfect I never claimed to be ,so you better stay away from me.

Chorus: Keep your kind away from me, Keep your kind away from me. You better stay away from me, Keep your kind away from me.

Well everybody is full of advice, and everyone thinks their way is right. Well I don't think it's every nice.

8) What's the Buzz

(Tim Rice, Andrew Lloyd Weber) copyright 1973 Leeds Music Corp

What's the buzz tell me what happening?

Why should you want to know? Don't you mind about the future. Don't you try to think ahead. Save tomorrow for tomorrow, Think about today instead.

I could give you facts and figures. Even give you plans and forecasts, Even tell you where and when.

What's the buzz tell me what happening, What's the buzz tell me what happening? When do we ride into Jerusalem, When do we ride into Jerusalem?

Why should you want to know? Why are you obsessed with fighting? Time and fates you can't defy. If you knew the path we're riding, You'd understand it less than I.

9) Interview (The Vax & Pat Nobody)

Interview! Let's check these guys out. What are they all about? Are these guys right on? Where are they coming from?

Okay your on the spot, Tell us what you got. It's your interview...

10) So you wanna to be rich (The Vax)

So you wanna be rich and you want to prosper. You had wisdom by the tail but I think you've lost her. Call it sincere, call it consistent. Call it whatever you want, I call it twisted.

Chorus: So you wanna be rich, a man on the rise. High on the hog, Healthy, wealthy and wise.

A search for power that you'll never find. Manipulate truths with a limited mind. Compassion is not what your after. Tickle their ears and thrive on their laughter.

The love of money built your steeple, It towers in the sky out of reach of the people .So enjoy what you've gained, cuz' you won't have it long. It won't stand the test of fire and you sure can't take it along

11) Last Dance (Pat Nobody)

I've seen a new light shinning in faces lately. I've seen miracles happen in places lately. There's something brewin' it's right around the bend.

Talk about a revolution you ain't seen nothin' yet. Your going to see things happen you ain't never gonna forget. We come in peace, we come in the power of love. Lucifer, there's a contract on your head, We'll see it through, oh yeah

We are the soldiers of his holy forces.. You see we got the word and the time is here The demons tremble with fear. It's time to make some noise, we have something to say, Choose the way, oh yeah.

I see a big black church with blood on the altar, Demons and ghosts, Satan the host ,And they're having their last dance. Dark powers get stronger and the nights get longer, And the darkness seems to be taking over, But it's their last dance.

12) Special People (Pat Nobody)

There's a place that I go frequently, I guess for a kind of therapy, Sometimes there's to much weight on my shoulders. There's a care center there for these certain people, Everyone calls them special people, Fact is they're retarded.

Well they all walk by my therapy room, Probably on the way to their therapy room, And I begin to notice how happy they all are. They're happy as can be, they're happier than me.

Chorus: I used to think, "Oh what a shame" Going through life retarded, insane ,But now I don't look at it quite that way. See they're so happy, so loving and free, Surely they don't need therapy. It's you and I that have to constantly see, Just how destructive knowledge can be. These special people are special indeed.

13) I wanna go home (The Vax)

I've been sleeping in a strange bed, But I can't fall asleep. I toss and turn all night, My head's full of sheep. Anyway this ain't no mattress, Just a piece of foam .I can't take it no more I wanna go home.