Released '86, Frontline Records
Re-released '95 Alarma Records

1) Sliding Backwards (Pat Nobody)

You once turned to him, and you were born again. You were filled with joy, God made you a happy boy. But you've returned to sin, Caught up in the world again. Why did you fall away, Is it just a game you play?

Chorus: No Sliding Backwards, No sliding backwards. Jesus is weeping for you, He's calling you back - you know it's true. Don't harden your heart to the King, 'Cuz Jesus can solve anything.

You are doing wrong, And you've known it all along Setting bad examples, Playing with the worldly samples. What about your friends, who aren't born again? What do they think & say, when they see you fall away?

Chorus: Don't be a fool, Don't turn away Renew your vows, Do it today!

2) That Feelin' (Pat Nobody)

Here it comes again... That feelin' It's my worst enemy...That feelin'

Chorus: Please go away

Here it comes again...That feelin' It's killin' me you know?...That feelin'


3) Come Around (Pat Nobody)

You live in a world where everyone's cold, You still have your friends, but they're getting old. The life that you lead is without purpose, You play night and day, the streets are a circus. You can't find a reason for things that you see, And lookin' for the answer, you near insanity.

Chorus: When you have the guts to shake your self-pity, Look beyond the walls of your concrete city. The answer is clear, as clear as the Son. If you believe in Him, your searching is done.

You lie to yourself saying "everything's cool" But your actions and thoughts are that of a fool. You call it fun making life a big game, You shoot for the top seeking fortune and fame. Your dreams are empty, your world is mislead, The television has gone to your head.

Chorus: When you come around to accepting the fact, That a life without love just can't be in tact, The answer is clear, as clear as the Son, If you believe in Him, your searching is done.

4) I Was (Pat Nobody)

Oh Lord, I was living in Sin, I didn't want to let you in. I was selfish and bad, always mad. I must've made you very sad.

I'd turn to you in time of fear, but when it ended I'd disappear. Not knowing how much you love & care, I did what I wanted, anytime, anywhere.

Chorus: Forgive me dear Lord, 'Cuz I was living in sin, And please help me to grow, now that I see you again. There was so much pain, I was going insane. You took away my blues, help me to spread the news.

I can't figure out why you still love me, I had such doubt, my thoughts were filthy I praise you Christ for saving my life, And you're with me all day, I just want to say:

You are the one I'm thinkin' of, 'Cuz you died for me out of love. I will never try to hurt you again, And I won't return to where I've been.

5) Dissertation (no words) (Pat Nobody)

6) We Are Confident (Pat Nobody)

We see the world, we see this mess. We are troubled, but not in distress. Unanswered questions are everywhere, We are perplexed, but we are not in despair.

Chorus: We walk by faith and not by sight, We love the Lord, and for Him we'll fight. We are confident, we are willing. Praise God! The Spirit is filling.

We stand strong, not to be shaken. Sure, we're persecuted, but we're never forsaken. The power of sin is null & void. We are cast down, but we are never destroyed.


7) People Who (Pat Nobody)

Well, there's people out there who church once a week, And there's people out there who don't want to speak, About the love of God and His holy book, Because that's the part that they overlook.

Chorus: Well, their money says "In God We Trust" But they're full of greed, self esteem, and lust. They praise paychecks, riches and wealth, They don't care about anybody but themselves.

Well, there's people out there who believe in God, And there's people out there in the business fraud. They dress real nice and act all civilized, They've made a career out of telling lies.Chorus: After Jesus comes to take His children home, They'll be left in the world all alone. Maybe then they'll know salvation can't be bought, And their money is worthless in the eyes of God.

8) Killin' Time (Pat Nobody)

Don't look ahead, don't look behind. Just think of life as killin' time. You're cruisin' through the time zone.

Don't worry 'bout anything, Just believe and stay in contact with the King You can't stay sane in a world gone mad, you need outside help - we need outside help.

9) Burnt (Pat Nobody)

Well, we've all been burnt once before, and we got back up to get burnt some more. It's a real fine thing - falling in love, the problem is hardly anyone really does. The first time around was peaches and cream, You had love in your tummy - life was a dream. Then somethin' fell through along the way, and that mushy-gushy feeling, it went away.

Chorus: Well you've burnt your fingers and you've stubbed your toes, Even had a few scabs on your elbows. (But now you see like never before, this thing called love hurts much, much more.)

So you're more selective about a new honey, if nothin' else make sure they've got money. You find someone's got what your looking for - you go out for awhile and get burnt once more. This process happens 'bout a dozen times, and you finally realize you're losing my mind, You're doing things now you thought you never would, just wishin' you could go back to your childhood.

Chorus: ..... (Now you see like never before, pain feels good and you want some more.)

Let me tell 'bout a friend who's helped me a lot, when it comes to friends, He's the best I've got He helped me love again, I thought I never could, And he brought me back to my childhood. He said, " Listen now and please understand, I love you like no human can. Just try to love me with all you've got, I'll be faithful to you even when you're not.

Chorus: ...... (But I've had nails through my hands and my feet, And I've hung from a tree like a piece of meat... for you.")

He said," Listen now and please understand, I love you like no human can. Just try and love me with all you've got, I'll be faithful to you even when you're not."

Chorus: Well, I've burnt my fingers, and I've stubbed my toes, And I'd do it again for what I know I'm listening to what Jesus said, God 's love for us rose Him from the dead. I'm talking about rising from the dead, people!

10) I Wonder (Pat Nobody)

Can I trust in your word? Is it you that I heard? What you say, is it true? Jesus I wonder about you.

Chorus: Hey, I see the changes in some of my friends. Talking of somehow being born again? When I die, where will I go? Christ are you real? I just gotta know.

I feel weird in my bed, Spiritual warfare in my head, Jesus do you love me? Can you cure my anxiety?


11) Numb (Pat Nobody)

The world is passing by, no one really knows the reason why, no one really cares - the reason why. People, they're all spun. They've all become numb! People with empty faces, bad memory traces.

My life is passing by, I don't really know the reason why, I don't really care - the reason why. I ask myself howcome, I've become so numb? There is nothing here for me, I need your love to set me free There is nothing here for me, God can you set me free?

12) Get off the Air (Ojo Taylor)

Don't say a word, say it with your life.

Get off TV, get on your face. Get off my back, get on your knees. Get off the soap box, get on the stick. Get off your high horse, get on a donkey. Get off your power trip, get real - get a clue. Get off payroll, get the message?

Crush the monster, feed the sheep.

13) Ain't That Hard (Pat Nobody)

Hey an extra brew?

Here, have another beer, have another gritte. Smoke another joint, take another shower. Do another speedball, take another lude. Go out and get drunk, go out and get sick. Hit another gig, start all over again. When does this end? Tell me, when, when, when?

Chorus: You gotta live with yourself - Ain't that hard? Being kind to yourself ain't that hard. Just slow down and open your eyes. There's a reality here, you don't realize.*I gotta live alone, Be on my own. I can't stand crowds, alone is home. I can't fit in here, I don't want to fit in there, (Everybody's too tough, or just plain square.)

*... (Everybody's going places, or going nowhere)

*... (Everybody's too cool, pack of fools).

14) Separation (no words) (Pat Nobody)

15) Deeper Things (Pat Nobody)

I feel the need to express myself, I'm tired of trying to be somebody else. It makes me sick to go with the flow...what do you know? I can't seem to understand why I feel like half a man. You can't seem to understand, I'm not the guy you think I am.

Your expectations of me are overwhelming - Success is not financial expansion. There's deeper things for which I have a passion. Things like love and peace-of -mind, things your world left behind The ocean, the sky, this planet... little things you take for granted. Life and Death, God and man, things we need to understand. Life and Death, God and man, Understand?
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