D'Zaster VIDEO Interview 12/09:  Omar Domkus of The Scattered Few and Pat Nobody talk about the "scene" , the beginning, and the history of Christian Punk Rawk; unedited.

Kevin Allison '86:
The first interview Pat ever did.  This went out with the original release of the 1st cd, and yhea... Frontline did it via Kevin.

Frontline Music Group Interview Nov. '95:
Frontline wanted this interview from Pat for the re-release of the 1st NS album on CD; which had previously been released only on vynal and cassette.

Wreath of Thorns 3/97:
A New Zealand mag email interview.

Garlic Press #8 '97:
Why did NS break up? This interview was originally given by Caleb of Boot to Head Records in 3/97 for his rag 'Farce', which evidently never got off the ground or somethin'.  He later notified Pat that the interview would be printed in a canadian rag called 'Garlic Press'.

Jubilee Harvest '97:
Based in the Northwest, another indie mag.

The Underground '98:
A small 'indie' rag in Fresno, CA.

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